ULB Center for Diabetes Research


ULB Center for Diabetes Research


Mobility is crucial in science to develop new collaborations and share knowledge with people that may have different scientific ideas, skills and cultural backgrounds. We are proud and celebrate the international diversity and gender equality of our Center.

If you are a Postdoctoral researcher, PhD or master student interested in joining our groups, please contact us.




Principal Investigators


Doctoral Fellows

  • ALVELOS Maria Inês (Portugal)

  • ARROYO Maria Nicol (Argentina)

  • FANTUZZI Federica (Italy)

  • KIBANDA Jesabelle (Belgium)

  • LYTRIVI Maria (Greece)

  • PIRON Anthony (Belgium)

  • XIAO Peng (China)

Research Assistants

  • BELMAHJOUBI Naïma (Belgium)

  • CAI Ying (China)

  • DEPESSEMIER Manon (Belgium)

  • MILLARD Isabelle (Belgium)

  • MUSUAYA Anyishaï (Belgium)

  • PACHERA Nathalie (Belgium)

  • VEKERIOTAITE Beata (Lithuania)

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • CASTELA Angela (Portugal)

  • COOMANS DE BRACHENE Alexandra (Belgium)

  • COLLI Maikel (Brazil)

  • DEMAREZ Céline (Belgium)

  • DEMINE Stéphane (Belgium)

  • ELVIRA Bernat (Spain)

  • GORGORIETAS Vyron (Greece)

  • MOHAN Shruti (India)


  • SAWATANI Toshiaki (Japan)

  • SCHASCHKOW Anaïs (France)

  • SCIAVO Andrea Alex (Italy)

  • TAKIISHI Tatiana (Brazil)

  • TURGUT Aylin (Ireland)