Decio L. Eizirik appointed Visiting Professor at the Danish Diabetes Academy

Dr Eizirik’s activities in Denmark will include teaching a course in scientific communication to PhDs and post-doctoral fellows, research lectures and seminars, and the development of a project entitled “Targeting key hubs for beta cell preservantion in type 1 diabetes”. This project, to be developed in collaboration with Prof. Flemming Pociot, Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, should provide a great translational impulse to Dr Eizirik’s research. Denmark has some of the best genetically and physiologically characterized populations of type 1 diabetic patients, including populations of discordant monozygotic twins, i.e. one but not the other affected by type 1 diabetes. Dr Pociot is the coordinator of these large genetic studies, and this new collaboration will allow Dr Eizirik to translate his basic research findings to population genetic studies, hopefully identifiying new candidate genes for the disease and novel targets to prevent beta cell death in type 1 diabetes.

Esteban Gurzov