New director of the UCDR

Prof Decio Eizirik successfully directed the ULB Center for Diabetes Research (formerly Laboratory of Experimental Medicine) since 2002. He now passed the torch in his own words:

It was an honour for me to serve as director of the lab since 2002, and I take the opportunity to thank those of you that contributed in a positive way to make our Center an international reference in the diabetes field. I am sure that under Miriam’s leadership, and with your support, our Center will advance even further, hopefully leading to major discoveries and improvements in the care of diabetic patients.”

Dr Miriam Cnop is the new director of the ULB Center for Diabetes Research. Miriam has developed and consistently pursued an innovative research line on the pathogenesis of beta cell dysfunction and death, integrating basic molecular and clinical research to clarify the mechanisms for beta cell demise in diabetes:

Esteban Gurzov