UCDR project attracts funding from the Brussels Region

The DiaType project entitled “Personalized medicine in diabetes: towards an etiology-based diagnosis and better patient care” will be funded by the Brussels Region’s Innoviris Bridge Strategic Platform and starts in April 2018 for a period of 3 years. Within this project, we aim to implement and develop precision diabetes medicine and improve patient care by providing etiologic diagnoses and performing clinical and basic research.

The DiaType multidisciplinary consortium coordinated by Prof Miriam Cnop (ULB Center for Diabetes Research) comprises clinician investigators, exercise physiologists, beta cell imaging experts, and pancreatic islet and stem cell biologists.

Precision medicine in diabetes will be developed by DiaType consortium partners from academic hospitals and implemented across different health care levels in the Brussels region with the support of diabetes associations and primary health care providers and associations. In parallel, research will be done at the medical faculties of ULB, VUB and UCL on the pathogenesis and treatment of these different types of diabetes using the state-of-the-art model of patients’ induced pluripotent stem cells that are differentiated into pancreatic beta cells.

Flaco Zacarias