G.B. Morgagni Silver Young Investigator Award 2018 to Dr Esteban Gurzov

Named after the great Italian anatomist Giovanni Battista Morgagni, who was one of the first scientists to carry out research on human anatomy (in Padua) and who laid the foundation for the modern concept of pathology, the G.B. Morgagni Awards Program was instituted in 1984 by a group of researchers working at the University of Padua Medical School. The intention of the Prize is to promote research on diabetes and its complications, a major public health concern affecting a large portion of the population. A panel of experts in the field, headed by Prof Gaetano Crepaldi of the University of Padua, is instituted and was periodically renewed to examine and review the candidates’ qualifications, curriculum vitae, and scientific publications. The Morgagni Prizes are awarded every two years.

Dr Gurzov dedicated his scientific career to investigate the pathogenic mechanisms of diabetes and obesity, and the discovery of novel therapeutics for these diseases.


Flaco Zacarias