Position available: Doctoral Thesis in Diabetes Research

We have a position available for a PhD student in the group of “Inflammatory and Cell Death Signaling in Diabetes”, lead by Prof. AK Cardozo at the ULB Center for Diabetes Research (UCDR).

Our research is focused on the understanding of mechanisms leading to inflammation-mediated dysfunction and death of pancreatic β-cells in diabetes. Our strategy is to use genomics, proteomics and detailed signal transduction analysis in both in vitro and in vivo models of the disease. Our ultimate goal is to devise novel ways to prevent β-cell demise in diabetes. Selected publications: Meyerovich K et al (2017) Diabetes, 66: 2446; Fukaya M (2016) et al Molecular Endocrinology, 30:48; Meyerovich K et al (2016) Diabetologia, 59:512; Allagnat F et al (2012) Cell Death Diff, 19:1836.

We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic student to perform a PhD in Biomedical Sicences. Laboratory experience in cellular and molecular biology are a plus. The candidate should have good command of spoken and written English. To start immediate to June 2018. For more information regarding the PhD studies at the ULB please check the website.

Applications including CV, names of two references and statement of future interests should be sent to Alessandra K. Cardozo (akupperc [at] ulb.ac.be).

Flaco Zacarias